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Cherif Habib

Cherif Habib

CEO, Dialogue

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Diagram has been an invaluable partner to Dialogue right from day one. Their approach to co-creating companies and setting them up for success has been key to catapulting Dialogue’s growth from seed stage through to our IPO.

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Peter Hazelhurst

Peter Hazelhurst

CEO, Synctera

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Diagram’s model is a unique opportunity to validate quickly and focus on building an impactful company. I’ve seen first hand the challenges in building global FinTech businesses and after talking with Diagram about Synctera it was clear we shared the same vision. I’m really excited about our early traction that validates our approach to Partnership Banking and ultimately building out a new offering for Community Banks and Credit Unions – FinTech-as-a-Service.

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Elijah Moore

Elijah Moore

CEO, Collage

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Diagram is the best partner a startup could hope for. Access to capital, partnerships, talent and top-tier advisors. Diagram has allowed us to play in the major leagues from the very start.

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Charles Assaf

Charles Assaf

CEO, Novsito


Partnering with Diagram tremendously accelerated our journey, they were an integral part of Novisto, bringing in top talent and infrastructure from the start. They also introduced me to key customers before the product was built! With Diagram’s seed investment, we were able to focus on execution and hit the ground running from day 1

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Why founders partner with us

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Building ventures with a higher chance of success

  • Thesis-driven investment process

  • “De-risked” ideas

  • Unfair advantage of network

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Being the master of their own destiny

  • Majority of equity to Founders post Seed investment

  • CEO ownership of the board

  • A clear path to capital and clients

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Larger capital investment and a built-in team

  • $3-5M of total investment per company, from Pre-Seed to Series A

  • Hands on support from the partners and acceleration team

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Diagram works closely with founders to build strong co-founding teams.

Diagram does not currently invest in external venture opportunities.

Diagram launches companies primarily in Montreal, Toronto and New York.

We look for founders with a proven track record or domain expertise for each new venture and believe that building a business is about storytelling, great teams, and solving a problem an individual is passionate and excited about.

Depending on the opportunity, Diagram invests between $3-5M in each new venture between the pre-seed and Series A stage. As companies progress, Diagram can further support portfolio companies with follow on investment from the Series B and beyond

Yes, there is an opportunity to bring in strategic investors, or institutions.

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