Bringing Fintech and Founders Together at Startupfest

Jul 16, 2019

Bringing Fintech and Founders Together at Startupfest

A recap of the Fintech & Founders cocktail that Diagram organized during Montréal’s largest tech event

Torrential rain did not stop Diagram, Portag3, and Panache from co-hosting a lovely and exclusive evening dedicated to Fintech & Founders last week. As Startupfest was taking over Montréal, conversations bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and partners were getting started. Annually, Startupfest attracts like-minded individuals who are creative and innovative by nature and are looking to solve the world’s most complex problems by leveraging technology.

The concept for this evening began as an opportunity for Diagram to convene founders who align with its vision of bringing life to innovative ideas in finance, insurance, and healthcare. Diagram does not simply seek these ideas without purpose but it hopes, through the investment of these ideas, that positive changes are made and impact is had on a global scale. Diagram’s portfolio of companies: Dialogue, Collage, Breathe Life, nesto, and dfuse all do just this. However, an ecosystem is not built on its own and it takes a team of talented entrepreneurs and visionaries to make a difference. In early June, we announced the successful closing of a new $55-million second fund to allow the continued expansion of our ever growing portfolio. Through our founder-centric model and accelerator-style support, which give our companies a head start, we will be launching more companies in the years to come. Everyone who attended our event play an important role by bringing their distinctive perspectives to the Canadian tech scene.

With over 250 attendees ranging from experienced entrepreneurs and CEOs to investors, discussions regarding the implications of financial technology globally and, more importantly, in Canada, as a tool to enable innovation in the financial sector could be heard around the room. Located on the Perché Bar Terrasse in Old Montréal’s William Gray Hotel, assorted hors d’oeuvres, a poutine bar, and dainty macarons were among some delicious highlights from the evening. We were fortunate to welcome Paul Desmarais III, the Chairman of Diagram, who delivered an impassioned speech that left the rooftop excited about the future of technology in Canada. He remarked that it will take an abundance of partners and talent to achieve the creation of a strong and diverse ecosystem with companies that not only problem-solve but want to implement change in our world. Francois Lafortune, Diagram Founder & CEO, and Daniel Robichaud, Managing Partner, were among several members of the team who found the event beneficial, as it allowed them to connect with potential Co-Founders and begin to find the right match for ideas that are ready to be launched. Overall, the event was exceptional and we hope that the evening helped enrich our attendees’ knowledge on FinTech and the opportunity for technology to enable the creation of truly ingenious companies in Canada.

If you did not have the chance to attend the event and are looking to launch your next company, please reach out. We are always interested in connecting with entrepreneurs and are looking forward to hearing from you.