StreamingFast (formerly DFuse) Receives US $60M Grant

Jun 17, 2021

StreamingFast (formerly DFuse) Receives US $60M Grant

We are excited to share that The Graph Foundation awarded a $60 million grant to StreamingFast (formerly known as DFuse) to join The Graph ecosystem as a core development team, alongside Edge & Node.

This grant is the first of its kind, enabling an experienced development team to become dedicated to working on an open source protocol. It unlocks a new way for companies like StreamingFast and decentralized communities to work closely together.

Open Sourcing Core IP

StreamingFast’s deep experience in building indexing solutions for high-speed blockchains, with a particular focus on Ethereum, Solana, Flow, Polkadot, Cosmos, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, Arbitrum and other high-throughput protocols sets it apart. Their core infrastructure excels at indexing blockchains in real-time, which unlocks new possibilities for streaming applications, dashboards and explorers, and better analytics tools on The Graph.

Following the grant award, StreamingFast will support The Graph as it continues its multi-blockchain expansion. StreamingFast engineers and project managers will also work on subgraph development, support for new Layer 1 protocols, core protocol development, indexing and performance improvements, contributing to the governance process, development tooling and education.

“Open sourcing our technology and joining The Graph as a core developer is the absolute best outcome for StreamingFast. We are philosophically aligned and our powers combined create a one-plus-one-equals-three effect. We’re eager to dedicate our time and resources to the betterment of The Graph and the Web3 ecosystem at large in the years ahead,” said Marc-Antoine Ross, co-founder and CEO, StreamingFast.

Congratulations to the StreamingFast team! It’s been a pleasure being a part of your journey.